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Classmates:  Dennis Cahill - Dean Cycon

Following is contact information and Web page URLs for members of the Class of 1975.  (Access to the contact information is restricted to members of Ephnet.)

To access the contact information, first logon to Ephnet in a separate browser window and then minimize the Ephnet window.  Click on the name of the person you're interested in below and the appropriate Ephnet page will display in a separate window.

Contact Information Web Pages
Dennis Cahill Alta Hotel Group
Ed Cahill HLM Management Company
Fran Calafiore  
Anne (Wright) Campbell  
Gina Campbell  
Michael Capone Northeast Technical Services, Inc.
Lee (Nash) Carey Shore Country Day School
Marya (Carey) Ugelow  
Ed Case U.S. House of Representatives
Jeane Casselberry Hutzel Hospital
Carol Caton  
Johnny Chandler  
Theron Chaney Rockwell International
Tom Chapuk  
Chuck Chokel  
Larry Choy  
Felicia (Ciuro) Pharr Williams College
Kyle Beth (Clancy) Harcourt  
Walter Clark, Jr.  
Dave Clarke Kaiser Permanente
Kip Cleaver  
Martha Coakley Middlesex County (MA) District Attorney
Ted Coates, III U.S. Coast Guard
Susan (Mezoff) Cole  
Hardin Coleman University of Wisconsin
Susan (Coleman) Greenwood Deutsche Bank
Webb Collings  
Wendy (Collins) Perdue Georgetown University Law Center
Rod Conklin  
Don Cooke The Field Museum
Hope Coolidge Danforth Museum
John Cordes  
Eric Cottington MCP Hahnemann University
Paul Council  
Bruce Cowden KY Department of Workers Claims
Ted Cox  
Guy Creese Ballardvale Research
Liz (Critchley) Haff Crane Collection
Susie (Read) Cronin Bronze Sculptures by Susan Read Cronin
Tom Cummings  
Ellen (Cunningham) Weaver  
Debba Curtis Waynflete School
Dean Cycon Dean's Beans

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