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Classmates:  Doug MacBain - Bart Nourse

Following is contact information and Web page URLs for members of the Class of 1975.  (Access to the contact information is restricted to members of Ephnet.)

To access the contact information, first logon to Ephnet in a separate browser window and then minimize the Ephnet window.  Click on the name of the person you're interested in below and the appropriate Ephnet page will display in a separate window.

Contact Information Web Pages
Doug MacBain Perkins Coie
Ross Macdonald, IV Coudert Brothers
Mark MacLennan Silicon Valley Bank
Richard Macsherry  
Rick Mahoney  
Betsy (Maier) Stiles  
Alice Maroni Smithsonian Institution
Jesse Marsh Atelier Studio Associato
Douglas Marston  
Steven Masters Miss Hall's School
Walter Matia, II Curlew Castings
Maury Matteodo Salesnet
Steve Mayer Human Genome Sciences
Edward Mazder, II Adirondack Medical Center
Barry McCarthy Netflix
Timothy McCarthy  
Peter McChesney  
Jan McClure  
David McCord Hopkins School
David McCune Sage Publications
Michael McGarr Becker Capital Management
Bonnie (McGhee) Strittmatter GE Capital
Martin McGowan, Jr. Methfessel & Werbel
Melissa McGuire  
Tracy McIntosh  
Dave McKenzie  
Martha (McMasters) Pearson  
Marilyn (Beverly) McMillan  
Brian McNamara  
Jackie (Strachan) Meadows Oregon Health Division
Carli Meister  
Judy Mender Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Donna (Irish) Merritt Konica Business Technologies
Peter Mertz North Yarmouth Academy
Renee Meyer Department of Defense
Susan (Mezoff) Cole  
Laurie Michaels  
Lawrence Michelotti, Jr.  
Ada Miller  
Regan Miller North Carolina District Court
Scot Moir Universal Coach Parts
Carey (Montgomery) Adams  
Bob Morin  
Tina (Morris) Raymond Gardens LLC
Angus Morrison Nantahala Outdoor Center
Rick Morrissey, II  
Chessye (Hill) Moseley  
Tully Moss Easton Consultants, Inc.
Manning Mott The Ensemble Theatre
Linda (Spencer) Murchison Lower Cape Fear Hospice
Stephen Murphy, Jr.  
Marshall Murray Milwaukee County Courts
Dan Muzyka University of British Columbia
Jon Myers  
Peter Myers Tandem Communications
John Nail RewardsPlus
Lilia (Nash) Carey Shore Country Day School
Robin (Peyson) Nazimiec Texas Department of Mental Health
Bud Niden, Jr. IMR Telecom
Mary Niedenfuhr  
Bart Nourse, Jr. SouthCoast Learning Network

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