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Classmates:  Bill Oberndorf - Jonathan Quay

Following is contact information and Web page URLs for members of the Class of 1975.  (Access to the contact information is restricted to members of Ephnet.)

To access the contact information, first logon to Ephnet in a separate browser window and then minimize the Ephnet window.  Click on the name of the person you're interested in below and the appropriate Ephnet page will display in a separate window.

Contact Information Web Pages
Bill Oberndorf  
Katrina (Voorhees) Ogilby  
Rick Oleson O'Connor, McGuinness, Conte, et al.
Chuck Ossola Arnold & Porter
Ellen Oxfeld Middlebury College
Kathryn (Pagh) Roehl UC Berkeley
Michael Parise Birch, Horton, Bittner & Cherot
Will Parish  
Tom Parker Woodberry Forest School
Gil Parsons  
Martha (McMasters) Pearson  
Patricia Pedersen Yale University School of Medicine
Janny (Peet) Kravetz  
Wendy (Collins) Perdue Georgetown University Law Center
Perk Perkins Orvis
James Pert Harvard Vanguard
Kathy (Holt) Peters B.W. Rogers Co.
Andy Peterson  
Suzanne (Day) Peterson  
Julie (Winkler) Petri  
Robin (Peyson) Nazimiec Texas Department of Mental Health
Felicia (Ciuro) Pharr Williams College
Joseph Phillips, Jr.  
Steve Phillips Sound Eye and Laser
Rich Pickard Plantronics
Catherine (Wiles) Pickering San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
Jay Pierce  
Bob Pinkard Cassidy & Pinkard, Inc.
Cathy (Plough) Gale Packard Children's Hospital
Steve Pomeroy U. of North Carolina Medical Center
Paul Pontier  
Eric Pookrum Innova Securities
Jessie (Potter) Kingston  
Sally Pritchard  
Bob Prosser Columbia University
Mike Pucillo Berman DeValerio Pease Tabacco Burt & Pucillo
Jonathan Quay Meriden-Stinehour Press

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