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Classmates:  Charlie Safford - David Sylvan

Following is contact information and Web page URLs for members of the Class of 1975.  (Access to the contact information is restricted to members of Ephnet.)

To access the contact information, first logon to Ephnet in a separate browser window and then minimize the Ephnet window.  Click on the name of the person you're interested in below and the appropriate Ephnet page will display in a separate window.

Contact Information Web Pages
Charlie Safford  
Bob Samuelson Monitor Company
Paul Samuelson Upstream Technologies
Thomas Sansone  
Gordon Sata The Boeing Company
Thom Satrom Locke, Reynolds L.L.P.
Chris Satullo The Philadelphia Inquirer
Paula Schlinger Greenhill School
Valerie (Dallago) Schmergel  
Gary Schpero King & Low-Heywood Thomas School
Jeanne Schroeder Cardozo School of Law
Leslie (Schutzer) Guichard  
Karen Seidler  
Charlie Selcer Schechter Dokken Kanter 
Judy Serkin  
Brian Sharry  
Thomas Shaw  
Connie (Durrell) Sheehy Williams College
Harry Sheehy, III Williams College
Ralph Shipley, III University of Cincinnati
Anita Brewer-Siljeholm  
Victoria Simon  
Mark Sinclair Conservation Law Foundation
Lucy (Singer) Beck  
Mark Sisson Primal Nutrition
Paul Skudder, Jr. The Vascular Group
Janean (Slack) Abbott Renaissance Corporate Services
Bryan Smith  
Mary (Alexander) Smith  
Polly Smith Fleet Bank
Roz (Smith) Rea Woodlawn Museum
Anne (Snyder) Hershbell  
Mike Snyder Columbia University
Denise (Littlefield) Sobel  
Bill Southard Bingham, McCutchen
Bob Stacey University of Washington
Margo (Webber) Steinberg  
Steve Stephanian The Hartford
Theresa Sternberg Mass. Dept. of Industrial Accidents
Laurence Stevens  
Doug Stiles  
Betsy (Maier) Stiles  
Daniel Stinebring Oberlin College
Amy Stone  
Wendy Stone Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Bob Strachan DataCore Software
Jackie (Strachan) Meadows Oregon Health Division
Sarah (Richardson) Straley Pinellas County, FL
Diana Strazdes UC Davis
Bonnie (McGhee) Strittmatter GE Capital
Ben Strout Australia Council
Fred Stueber, II Lincoln Electric
Margaret Stuhr  
Heidi (Swan) Helvestine  
David Sylvan  

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