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Classmates' Works

Classmates have created works in a wide variety of media:  for example, children's books about pigs named Hector and Prudence, academic articles on gene therapy, HBO movies, and a nationally syndicated radio show.  In the interest of saving space, not all works of prolific classmates are listed.  If you know of other classmates that have published works but are not listed here, please contact the Webmaster.

Steve Albelda

  • R.J. Kruklitis, S. Singhal, P. DeLong, V. Kapoor, D.H. Sterman, L.R. Kaiser, Steven Albelda, "Immunogene therapy with interferon-b before surgical debulking delays recurrence and improves survival in a murine model of malignant mesothelioma," Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 127:123-130, 2004.
  • R. Wiewrodt, K. Amin, M. Keifer, V. Jovanovic, V. Kapoor, S. Force,  M. Chang, M. Lanuti, M. Black, L. Kaiser, Steven Albelda, "Adenovirus-mediated gene transfer of enhanced herpes simplex thymidine kinase mutants improves prodrug-mediated tumor cell killing," Cancer Gene Therapy, 10:353-364, 2003.
  • M. Odaka, R. Wiewrodt, P.A. DeLong, T. Tanaka, Y. Zhang, L.R. Kaiser, Steven Albelda, "Analysis of the immunological response generated by Ad.IFN-beta during successful peritoneal tumor gene therapy," Molecular Therapy, 6:210-218, 2002.
  • M. Christofidou-Solomidou, G. Murphy, and Steven Albelda, "Induction of E-selectin-dependent leukocyte recruitment by mast cell degranulation in human skin grafts transplanted on SCID mice," American Journal of Pathology, 148:177-188, 1996.
  • A.A. Elshami, A. Saavedra, H.B. Zhang, J.C. Kucharczuk, D.C. Spray, G.I. Fishman, L.R. Kaiser, Steven Albelda, "Gap junctions play a role in the "bystander effect" of the Herpes Simplex virus thymidine kinase/ganciclovir system in vitro," Gene Therapy, 3:85-92, 1996.

Corinne Ball

Mark Bouton

  • Mark E. Bouton & C. Sunsay, C., "Importance of trials versus accumulating time across trials in partially-reinforced appetitive conditioning," Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, 29, 62-77, 2003.
  • Mark E. Bouton, "Context, ambiguity, and unlearning: Sources of relapse after behavioral extinction," Biological Psychiatry, 52, 976-986, 2002.
  • Mark E. Bouton, S. Mineka, & D.H. Barlow, "A modern learning theory perspective on the etiology of panic disorder," Psychological Review, 108, 4-32, 2001.
  • J.M. Pearce & Mark E. Bouton, "Theories of associative learning in animals," Annual Review of Psychology, 52, 111-139, 2001.
  • R.J. Frohardt, F.A. Guarraci, & Mark E. Bouton, "The effects of neurotoxic hippocampal lesions on two effects of context after fear extinction," Behavioral Neuroscience, 114, 227-240, 2000.
  • Mark E. Bouton, "A learning theory perspective on lapse, relapse, and the maintenance of behavior change," Health Psychology, 19 (Suppl.), 57-63, 2000.
  • P.C. Holland Mark E. Bouton, "Hippocampus and context in classical conditioning," Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 9, 195-202, 1999.
  • Mark Bouton, J.B. Nelson, and J.M. Rosas, "Stimulus Generalization, Context Change, and Forgetting," Psychological Bulletin, 125, pages 171-186, 1999.
  • J.M. Rosas & Mark E. Bouton, "Context change and retention interval can have additive, rather than interactive, effects after taste aversion extinction," Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 5, 79-83, 1998.
  • Mark Bouton and M.S. Fanselow (editors), Learning, Motivation, and Cognition:  The Functional Behaviorism of Robert C. Bolles, American Psychological Association, 1997.

Jerald Brown

  • Jerald E. Brown, The Years of the Life of Samuel Lane, 1718-1806, University Press of New England, 2001.

Hardy Coleman

  • Donald Pope-Davis and Hardin L. K. Coleman (editors), The Intersection of Race, Class, and Gender:  Implications for Multicultural Counseling, Sage Publications, 2001.
  • Donald Pope-Davis and Hardin L. K. Coleman (editors), Multicultural Counseling Competencies:  Assessment, Education and Training, and Supervision, Sage Publications, 2001.

Guy Creese

  • Monthly column entitled, "Volume Analytics" at DMReview.com
  • Guy Creese and Alex Veytsel, Web Analytics:  Making Business Sense of Online Behavior, Aberdeen Group, 2002.
  • Guy Creese and Alex Veytsel, Web Analytics:  Translating Clicks into Business, Aberdeen Group, 2000.

Clyde Criner

  • Behind the Sun (CD), BMG Music, 1988.

Dean Cycon

Frank Davis

  • Frank Davis, D.M. Stoms, R.L. Church, B.J. Okin, and K.N. Johnson, "Selecting Biodiversity Management Areas," in Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project: Final Report to Congress, vol. II, Assessments and Scientific Basis for Management Options, University of California Centers for Water and Wildland Resources, Davis, 1996.
  • B. Stein and Frank Davis, "Discovering Planet Earth: Tools and Techniques of Biodiversity Inventory," in Precious Heritage, The Status of Biodiversity in the United States, edited by B. Stein et al., Oxford University Press, 2000.
  • Frank Davis and D. Roberts, "Stand Structure in Terrestrial Ecosystems," pages 7-30 in Methods in Ecosystem Science (O.E. Sala, R.B. Jackson, H.A. Mooney, R.W. Howarth, editors) Springer, 2000.

Tom Detmer

Frank Doelger

  • Frank Doelger (executive producer), My House in Umbria, 2003.
  • Frank Doelger (producer), The Gathering Storm, HBO, 2002.
  • Frank Doelger (executive producer), Conspiracy, HBO, 2001.
  • Frank Doelger (director), "The Emperor Jones," Remember WENN, 1996.

Mary (Anton) Garbauskas

Steven Gillis

  • Steven Gillis and F.P. Inman, Contemporary Topics in Molecular Immunology:  The Interleukens, Plenum Publishing Corporation, 1985.
  • Steven Gillis (editor), Recombinant Lymphokines and Their Receptors.

Patricia (Brown) Glenn

  • Patricia Brown Glenn, Discover America's Favorite Architects, John Wiley & Sons, 1996.
  • Patricia Brown Glenn, Under Every Roof:  A Kid's Style and Field Guide to the Architecture of American Houses, Preservation Press, 1993.

Peter Hillman

  • Peter Hillman, "Front Pay Takes a Front Seat: Supreme Court Rules that Damages Cap Does Not Apply," Andrews Employment, July 2001.
  • Peter Hillman, "Saying Goodbye to the CEO: Reducing Legal Risks when Terminating Tech Execs," Directorship, September 2000.
  • Peter Hillman (co-author), "Employers Must Beware State Whistleblower Rules," Andrews Corporate Risk Spectrum, July 2000.
  • Peter Hillman, "Employers Can Limit Discrimination Liability, As Recent Decisions Applying Supreme Court Rulings Make Clear," Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, January 2000.
  • Peter Hillman, "Punitive Damages Awards," Andrews Sexual Harassment Litigation Reporter, July 1999.
  • Peter Hillman, "Mandatory Arbitration Provisions Enforceable?," New York Law Journal, February 1999.
  • Peter Hillman, "Teamsters, California Brewers and Beyond: Seniority Systems and Allocation of the Burden of Proving Bona Fides," St. John’s Law Review, No. 4 (Summer), 1980.

Akua Lezli Hope (Lezli Hope White)

  • Sheree R. Thomas (editor), "The Becoming," DARK MATTER, (first!) anthology of African American Science Fiction, Time Warner Books, 2000.
  • B. O'Brien, J. Damerell, and C.J. Houghtaling (editors), "My Mommy Gone #15," WORDS OF WISDOM, Poet's Theater 20th Anniversary Anthology, H&H Press, PA, 2000.
  • Rosemarie Robotham (editor), "Inventing the Food," Bluelight Corner, Black Women Writing on Passion, Sex and Romantic Love, Three Rivers Press, NY, 1999.
  • Brett Axel (editor), "Chock Full O' Nuts," Will Work for Peace, New Political Poetry, Zeropanik Press, NJ, 1999.
  • EMBOUCHURE, poems on jazz and other musics, ArtFarm Press, NY, 1995.
  • Charlotte Watson-Sherman (editor), "Finishing," "Water Bears No Scars," "My Muse Relentless," "Song Through the Wall," SISTERFIRE, an Anthology of Black Womanist Fiction and Poetry, HarperCollins, 1994.
  • Adrienne Rich, "To Every Birth Its Pain," What is Found There, Notebooks on Poetry and Politics, W.W. Norton, 1993.
  • Decosta-Willis, Martin and Bell (editors), "When the horn fits, blow it," "Songs they could sing," "Telegram from Topeka," "Interpenetration Side Two, " Erotique Noire/Black Erotica, Anchor Books, Doubleday, NY, 1992.
  • Amiri and Amina Baraka (editors), "...my mother is an indictment," "LAMENT," CONFIRMATION, anthology of Afrikan-American women writers, Quill (Morrow), NY, 1983.
  • "Betty Carter at the Vanguard," "Brain Gets Blame II," "Keep Watch," Black and in Brooklyn, Universal Black Writer Press, NY, 1983.
  • "Getting to Know," "Gowanus Canal," Extended Outlooks, the Iowa Review Anthology of Contemporary American Women Writers, Collier, NY, 1983.
  • "To Sister for Mother," "No One Comes Home to Lonely Women," Woman Poet East, Women-In-Literature, Reno, NV, 1981.

Bruce Koscielniak

  • Bruce Koscielniak, About Time: A First Look at Time and Clocks, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004.
  • Bruce Koscielniak, Johann Gutenberg and the Amazing Printing Press, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2003.
  • Bruce Koscielniak, The Story of the Incredible Orchestra:  An Introduction to Musical Instruments and the Symphony Orchestra, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2000.
  • Bruce Koscielniak, Hear, Hear, Mr. Shakespeare:  Story, Illustrations, and Selections from Shakespeare's Plays, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1998.
  • Bruce Koscielniak, Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the Weather, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1995.
  • Bruce Koscielniak, Bear and Bunny Grow Tomatoes, Knopf, 1994
  • Bruce Koscielniak, Euclid Bunny Delivers the Mail, Knopf, 1991.
  • Bruce Koscielniak, Hector and Prudence:  All Aboard!, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1991.
  • Bruce Koscielniak, Hector and Prudence, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1990.

Edward Larson

  • Edward J. Larson, Evolution : The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory, Modern Library, 2004.
  • Edward J. Larson, Evolution's Workshop: God and Science on the Galápagos Islands, Basic Books, 2002.
  • Edward J. Larson, Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion, Harvard University Press, 1998.

Channing Lowe

J. Ross Macdonald

  • J. Ross Macdonald, Treatydisk:  United States International Tax Treaties, Kluwer Law International, 1998.

Walter Matia

Daniel Muzyka

  • Sue Birley and Daniel F. Muzyka, Mastering Entrepreneurship:   The Complete MBA Companion in Entrepreneurship, Financial Times-Prentice Hall Publishing, 2000.
  • Sue Birley and Daniel F. Muzyka (editors), Mastering Enterprise, Financial Times-Prentice Hall Publishing, 1997.
  • Neil C. Churchill, Daniel F. Muzyka, Sue Birley, and William D. Bygrave, editors, Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, 1992, Babson College Center for Entrepreneurship, 1994.
  • Karl H. Vesper, Daniel F. Muzyka, and William D. Bygrave, editors, Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, 1990, Babson College Center for Entrepreneurship, 1991.

Ellen Oxfeld

  • Lynellyn D. Long and Ellen Oxfeld, editors, Coming Home:  Refugees, Migrants, and Those Who Stayed Behind, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003.
  • Ellen Oxfeld, Blood, Sweat, and Mahjong:  Family and Enterprise in an Overseas Chinese Community, Cornell University Press, 1993.

Frank Richards

Harry Sheehy

  • Harry Sheehy with Danny Peary, Raising a Team Player, Storey Publishing, LLC, 2002.

Paul Skudder

Robert Stacey

  • Judith G. Coffin, Robert C. Stacey, Robert E. Learner, and Standish Meacham, Western Civilizations, Fourteenth Edition, W.W. Norton & Company, 2002.
  • C. Warren Hollister, Robert C. Stacey, and Robin Chapman Stacey, The Making of England to 1399, Houghton Mifflin, 2000.
  • Robert C. Stacey, Politics, Policy, and Finance Under Henry III, 1216-1245, Oxford University Press, 1987.

David Terkla

  • Startup Factories: Leading Edge Practices and Regional Advantage for High-Performing Firms (with P. B. Doeringer and C. Evans-Klock), Oxford University Press and the W.E.Upjohn Institute, 2002.
  • Business Strategy and Cross-Industry Clusters (with Peter Doeringer), Economic Development Quarterly, Vol.9, No.3, pp. 225-37, August 1995.
  • Troubled Waters: Economic Structure, Industrial Policy, and Fisheries Trade (with Peter Doeringer), University of Toronto Press, 1995.
  • Japanese Direct Investment and Economic Development Policy, (with Peter Doeringer), Economic Development Quarterly, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp.255-273, August, 1992.
  • Explaining Variations in Employment Growth: Structural and Cyclical Change Among States and Local Areas (with Peter Doeringer), Journal of Urban Economics, March 1991, pp. 1-20.
  • Turning Around Local Economies: Managerial Strategies and Community Assets (with Peter Doeringer), Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 487-506, Fall 1990.
  • How Intangible Factors Contribute to Economic Development: Lessons From a Mature Local Economy, (with Peter Doeringer), World Development, Vol. 18, No. 9, pp. 1295-1308, 1990.
  • Invisible Factors in Local Economic Development (with Peter Doeringer and Gregory Topakian), Oxford University Press, 1987.
  • The New England Fishing Economy: Jobs, Income, and Kinship (with Peter Doeringer and Philip Moss), University of Massachusetts Press, 1986.

Lorne (Kip) Weeks

Jeffrey Williams

  • Jeffrey C. Williams, Manipulation on Trial:  Economic Analysis and the Hunt Silver Case, Cambridge University Press, 1995.
  • Jeffrey C. Williams and Brian D. Wright, Storage and Commodity Markets, Cambridge University Press, 1991.
  • Jeffrey C. Williams, The Economic Function of Futures Markets, Cambridge University Press, 1986.

Chris Witting

  • Chris Witting, 21-Day Countdown to Success:  Take Charge of Your Life in Less Than a Month, Career Press, 1998.
  • Success Journal, nationally syndicated radio show on over 200 U.S. radio stations.


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