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Deceased Classmates

The following classmates are no longer with us:

  • James J. Brennan -- of Dalton, MA, March 26, 2002.  Brennan was a purchasing agent for General Dynamics and a communicant at St. Agnes' Church.  At Williams he played football.  He is survived by his wife Margaret and two sons.
  • Melanie Mann Bronfman
  • Clyde Criner III
  • Burns Foster
  • Ernest J. Hairston
  • Jim Harkins
  • Leroy Lewis -- May/June 2005.  Lewis was Vice President of Product and Service Deliveries and Quality Assurance at IDP, a company that creates software for property and casualty insurance companies.  Prior to 2003, he worked at Kemper and CNA.
  • Elaine M. Miller
  • Richard W. Pennell
  • Marcia D. Ward
  • Christopher D. Wolfe
  • John Davis Wyman -- of Shorewood, WI, November 17, 2002.  Wyman was a systems analyst for University Computing Co. and Power Computing.  At Williams he was a member of WCFM.  He is survived by his wife Robin '75, a daughter, a son, and uncle John F. Held '54.


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