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25th Reunion Gift

On June 10, 2000 the Class of 1975 gave the college a capital gift of $10,470,174 with 56% class participation.  The gift amount exceeded the class's goal of $8 million, as well as the previous record for a 25th reunion gift ($5.8 million, given by the Class of 1973).

The gift had three student-oriented gift objectives, inspired by the class's landmark role in altering student life at Williams -- the Class of 1975 was the first class to admit women, and signaled the college's decision to increase the size of the student body from 1,200 to 2,000 students.  The gift will be used to fund:  (1) the Class of 1975 Scholarship, to keep Williams financially accessible to all qualified students, (2) the Class of 1975 Internship and Fellowship Program, extending students' learning beyond the classroom, and (3) the Class of 1975 Student Life Program, helping bring the student body together through events held at Goodrich Hall, the new student center.


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