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Trivia Question Archive

Question -- Which classmate participated in the CEO Ironman Challenge (a combination 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike race, and 26.2-mile run) at Lake Placid, NY in 2004?  (Hint:  he was on the baseball and swim teams in college.)
Answer -- Chuck Chokel.  Chuck completed the grueling race in 12:01.  While an hour and a half behind the under-40 winner, Chuck beat 9 of his 18 competitors.  Not bad, considering that 16 were younger than him, and 9 more than ten years younger.  On the CEO Challenges Web site you can see a picture of Chuck in racing spandex and at dinner with his wife.

Question -- Which classmate is President of the Tennessee Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF)?
Answer -- Michael Doochin, who in his day job works at Interstate Packaging
The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) is a not-for-profit organization focused on restoring the American chestnut tree to its native forests, via a scientific research and breeding program.

Question -- Which classmate runs a coffee-roasting company, sells his coffee beans to Williams and Amherst Colleges, and was covered in the April 2004 issue of Inc. Magazine because he took on Paul Newman over the purchase price of coffee beans?
Answer -- Dean Cycon.  Dean runs Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Company out of Orange, MA, with all of its coffee beans purchased at the "Fair Trade" price as a way to ensure that third-world coffee growers get a living wage.  His ad asking why Newman's Own Organics' Fair Trade line contained a much lower percentage of Fair Trade coffee touched off a firestorm within the industry and led to the article, "The Joys and Perils of Attack Marketing" in Inc. Magazine.

Question -- Which classmate helped represent Rosie O'Donnell in her Rosie Magazine legal battle against Gruner and Jahr USA in November 2003?
Answer -- Matt Fishbein, a partner at Debevoise & Plimpton in New York City.  Matt was the lawyer who grilled G&J USA about an internal memo recommending that the Rosie Magazine financials be managed to avoid a trigger point that would allow Rosie O'Donnell to walk away from the venture with no financial penalty.  Before Matt joined Debevoise & Plimpton, he was a federal prosecutor in New York.  He received his J.D. from New York University Law School in 1979.

Question -- When you subscribe to Netflix, the world's largest online DVD rental service, which classmate is gleefully counting the money?
Answer -- Barry McCarthy.  Barry is Chief Financial Officer at Netflix, responsible for its financial and legal affairs.  He guided the company (Nasdaq: NFLX) through its initial public offering (IPO) in May 2002, one of the few IPOs made that year.  Barry joined Netflix in 1999; previously he was at Music Choice (1993 to 1999), his own consulting firm (1991 to 1993), and Credit Suisse First Boston (1983 to 1990).

Question -- Which two classmates have served in the U.S. House of Representatives?
Answer -- Jack Hiler and Ed Case.   Jack represented Indiana's Third Congressional District for a decade, from 1981 to 1991.  Ed is currently representing Hawaii's Second Congressional District.  Ed (cousin to Steve Case '80) served in Hawaii's House of Representatives from 1994 to 2002.

Question -- Which prep school has as trustees a classmate and a classmate's wife?
Answer -- The King and Low-Heywood Thomas School.  The trustees are Peter Zaccagnino '75 and Pamela Davis, the wife of Gary Schpero '75.

Question -- Which classmate wrote a book that came out in May 2002 entitled, Raising a Team Player?  (Hint:  the book deals with athletics, as evidenced by the fact that the introduction is written by Joe Torre, manager of the New York Yankees.)
Answer -- Harry Sheehy, Director of Athletics at Williams and the husband of Connie Durrell Sheehy '75, Associate Director of Admission Operations.  You can check out the book details on Amazon.com.

Question -- Which classmate belongs to a sailing club called the Seattle Thistle Club?
Answer -- Gordon Sata.  He owns boat 2749.

Question -- Which freshman entry invited President Sawyer to the lighting of its Christmas tree?
Answer -- The first floor of East College.   President Sawyer said a few words and then lighted the Christmas tree, which was located in the entry's one communal area -- the bathroom.

Question -- On Ephnet, how many of our classmates list themselves as physicians?  (Hint:  it's more than twenty.)
Answer -- Twenty five.  Their specialties are:

  • Dermatologist -- Rob Lund.
  • Family Practioner -- Anne Wright Campbell, John Cordes.
  • Gastroenterologist -- David Clarke.
  • Nephrologist -- Andy Howard, Paul Pontier.
  • Neurosurgeon -- Ed Mazdzer.
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology -- Jane Laeger.
  • Ophthalmologist -- Jean Tibbets.
  • Pediatrician -- Bob Beck, Mike Snyder.
  • Physician -- Jon Appelbaum, Lucy Singer Beck, Joe Bonn, Chris Burrow, Larry Choy, Tom Getz, Rich Huntley, E. Walker, Fred Williams.
  • Plastic Surgeon -- Brad Roberg.
  • Public Health -- Frank Richards.
  • Surgeon -- Bruce Ferguson, David Jacobs, Paul Skudder.

Question --Which classmate won the National Press Foundation's Clifford K. Berryman & James T. Berryman Cartoonist of the Year Award in 2000?
Answer -- Channing Lowe.  The award highlights the power of political cartoons to change public opinion.  He won a John S. Knight Fellowship from Stanford University in 1993.  "Chan Lowe is the editorial cartoonist for the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, and his work is syndicated nationwide by Tribune Media Service. His Cartoons have appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, The Washington Post, ABC 20/20, etc. He is a winner of the Society of Professional Journalists' Green Eyeshade Award, was runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize in 1990, and is a 1996 recipient of the Williams Bicentennial Medal."

Question -- When you do a Google search for one of our classmates, most of the entries are road race finishing times.  Who is the classmate?   (Hints:  he was on the cross country team in college and currently runs for the Annapolis Striders running club.)
Answer -- Scott Lutrey.  Scott placed 59th (time of 22:13) in the
2001 Washington's Birthday 5K in Arnold, MD; was 8th (time of 5:10) in a 1500 meter run in August 1999; and was 39th (time of 22:12) in the 1998 Dundalk Heritage 6K.

Question -- Which two of our classmates have appeared on the covers of national magazines?  Hint:  one was on the cover of Newsweek, the other was on the cover of Forbes.
Answer -- Sam Bronfman made the cover of Newsweek (August 25, 1975) when he was kidnapped in the summer of 1975.  Jimmy Lee appeared on the cover of Forbes (April 17, 2000) for the story, "The New Power on Wall Street."

Question -- Which of our classmates is the alphabet soup king?  He has worked at WCBS, WCAU, WBBM, KDKA, WOWO, WBZ, and WMNB.
Answer -- Chris Witting.  Chris started out in broadcasting at college:  he was DJ Bob Sark on WCFM and worked at WMNB in North Adams.  After graduation he went on to executive positions at WBZ Boston; WOWO Fort Wayne, IN; KDKA Pittsburgh; WBBM Chicago; WCAU Philadelphia, and WCBS New York.  Chris now runs the Success Journal Corporation and hosts "The Success Journal," a syndicated radio program that profiles entrepreneurs.   Broadcasting runs in the family -- Chris's father was President of the DuMont Television Network (the network that hired Jackie Gleason and created "The Honeymooners") and later was Vice President of Westinghouse Broadcasting.

Question -- Two of our classmates were contestants on the TV gameshow "Jackpot."  Who are they?  Hint:  they were suitemates in Mission Park.
Answer -- In the summer of 1975, Chip Foster and Steve "Bingo" Albelda were contestants on "Jackpot."  Chip won $800, Steve won $75.   Not surprisingly, they decided not to become professional gameshow contestants.   Chip Foster is now a Budget Analyst at the New York State Department of Budget, while Steve Albelda is Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Question -- Given that we aren't getting any younger, which classmate would be a good one to know since he is an expert on geriatrics?
Answer -- Jon Appelbaum.  Jon, a physician, is a member of the American Geriatrics Society and Medical Director at Fenway Community Health in Boston, where he specializes in geriatrics and issues with aging.  At Fenway he launched a new program for seniors called "HouseCalls," which makes house calls to homebound patients over the age of 55.

Question -- Which one of our classmates works at the World Bank?
Answer -- Olga Jonas is a Principal Economist at the World Bank.  She recently served as Assistant Executive Secretary on the Joint Commonwealth Secretariat/World Bank Task Force on Small States.  The task force issued its final report, Small States:  Meeting Challenges in the Global Economy, in April 2000.  In the words of the World Bank, the report "contains a comprehensive analysis of the particular problems faced by small states in taking full advantage of global economic opportunities."

Question -- Which classmate participated in the 1972 Olympics -- and what event did he compete in?
Answer -- Angus Morrison; he placed 10th in canoeing. Angus now works at Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina, a whitewater rafting and kayaking organizer and outfitter.

Question -- If you're looking for a relatively up-to-date picture of Class Co-President Bill Oberndorf and his family, where would you find it?  (Hint:  not in the 25th Reunion Class Book.)
Answer -- In the Save the Children 1998 Annual Report.

Question -- Immediately after graduating from Williams, two classmates became managers of The Log on Spring Street.  Who were they, and what do they do now?
Answer -- Gene Falk and Peter McChesney.   Gene worked as Manager of The Log, while Peter served as Assistant Manager and also spent time getting the Hopkins Forest Farm Museum up and running.  It turns out that managing a bar can lead to a career in the entertainment or utility industries.  Gene is now Senior Vice President, New Media and New Business Development for Showtime Networks.  Peter is Director of Business Development at PSEG Global, a company that develops, owns and operates independent power generation and distribution facilities throughout the world.

Question -- Two of our classmates are Chiefs of their respective specialties at St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor, ME.   Who are they?  (Hint:  they are both women, and both got their medical degrees at Tufts University.)
Answer -- Jane Laeger is Chief of St. Joseph Hospital's Gynecology Service and Jean Tibbetts is Chief of St. Joseph Hospital's Opthamology Service.  Jane served her internship and residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (where Joe Bonn is now a radiologist); Jean served her internship at Rhode Island Hospital and residency at Tufts-New England Medical Center.

Question -- Three of our classmates are now judges.  Who are they?
Answer -- Helen Butcher Bennet, Bruce Cowden, and Marshall Murray.   Helen is Judge of Probate for the District of Saybrook in Connecticut; Bruce is an Administrative Case Judge for the Department of Worker's Claims in Lexington, KY; and Marshall Murray is on the Judicial Court Commission of the
Milwaukee County Courts.

Question -- A classmate was quoted in the August 1, 2000 New York Times as saying, "This is the first opportunity for Six-Pack Joe in the heartland who has diabetes to participate in a study."  Who is it?
Answer -- Hugh Rienhoff, Jr.  The article entitled, "Company Seeking Donors of DNA for a 'Gene Trust,'" described DNA Sciences' new Web site, DNA.com, and its request for people to donate their DNA to help discover disease-causing genes.  Hugh, a physician and former venture capitalist, is founder, chairman, and CEO of DNA Sciences (formerly Kiva Genetics).  [Note:  in July 2002, Hugh became a General Partner at Vanguard Ventures.]

Question -- On July 12, 2000, UBS stated it would purchase PaineWebber for $10.8 billion dollars.  If you're looking for a PaineWebber employee's view of the transaction, how many classmates can give you that view?
Answer -- Three.  All are Managing Directors:  David Jarvis, Brad Hearsh, and Paul Ladd.

Question -- Which major had the highest percentage of possible attendees at our 25th Reunion?
Answer -- Religion.  Six out of seven, or 86%, attended.  Eight classmates graduated with a major in Religion:  Chris Alberti, Virginia Drewry, Stephen Gardner, Jane Laeger, Jan McClure, Melissa McGuire, Elaine Miller, and Betsy Maier Stiles.  Elaine Miller died recently; of the remaining seven, only Jane Laeger did not attend the reunion.  Other majors were not far behind in percentage attendance:   American Civilization (82%), Environmental Studies (80%), Art (78%), and Geology (70%).

Question -- Which classmates will directly or indirectly be affected by Vivendi's acquisition of Seagram?  (Announced June 20, 2000, the deal is valued at $34 billion, and will create a media powerhouse, Vivendi Universal, second only to AOL/Time Warner.)
Answer -- Sam Bronfman and Joe LaPaglia.  Sam will be directly affected in several ways.  The Bronfman family owns 24% of Seagram, so the acquisition ends the family's 84-year control of the company.  In addition, Sam is President of the Seagram Chateau & Estate Wines Company and Chairman of the Seagram Beverage Company. Vivendi has stated they plan to sell the liquor portion of Seagram, so in the long run Sam may work for another company.  The other involved classmate, Joe LaPaglia, is Director of Internal Audit at Universal Studios Escape in Florida, a division that Vivendi will keep.  [Note:  As of 2004, Joe is now at CNL Shared Services.]

Question -- At least three of our classmates work within the publishing industry.  Who are they?
Answer -- Tracy Brown, Nancy Gallt, and Jane Rosenman.  Tracy Brown is an Executive Editor at Henry Holt & Co.   Nancy Gallt, after stints at Harper & Row and William Morrow, is now self-employed as a literary agent.  Jane Rosenman is an Executive Editor at
Scribner Publishing.

Question -- Given that we graduated 6 years before the introduction of the IBM PC and 18 years before the Mosaic Web browser was released, how "wired" (in a technological sense) is the Class of 1975?  Are we Luddites, or have we embraced computer technology?  To take two datapoints (as they say in the technology biz), how many classmates have e-mail addresses, and how many classmates accessed this Web site during the week of May 28?
Answer -- Over 240 classmates -- well over half of the class -- have e-mail addresses.  During Memorial Day week, 70 classmates, or approximately 15% of the class, looked at the Williams '75 Web site at least once; several visited it two or three times.  The average visitor looked at 5 pages; the most popular pages were who is attending the Reunion, the Reunion calendar, and classmate e-mail addresses and URLs.   (The site served up 523 page views during the week, an average of 73 page views a day.)

Question -- Which classmate is president of a mail order company that specializes in outdoor sporting gear and clothing?   (Hint:  both his father and his wife attended Williams.)
Answer -- Perk Perkins.  Perk became President and CEO of Orvis in 1992, taking over from his father, Leigh H. Perkins '50.  Perk is married to Randall Rives Perkins '74.

Question -- What famous screenwriter and film director wrote and directed our Freshman Revue?
Answer -- My Piece of the Pie was written and directed by John Sayles '72.  Sayles has since gone on to write and direct films such as Return of the Secaucus Seven, Matewan, Eight Men Out, Lone Star, and
Limbo.  In 1975, his short story "I-80 Nebraska, m490-m.205" won the O. Henry Award, while in 1983 he won a MacArthur Foundation grant.

Question -- On Ephnet, how many of our classmates list themselves as lawyers?  (Hint:  it's more than twenty.)
Answer -- Twenty four.  They are Jon Abbott, Corinne Ball, David Barradale, Ed Case, Tom Cummings, K.K. DuVivier, Charles Einsiedler, Eileen Epstein, Peter Erly, Suzanne Fluhr, Peter Hillman, Joe Hutcheson, Jeff Jacobs, Chip Juan, Doug MacBain, Martin McGowan, Regan Miller, Stephen Murphy, Michael Pucillo, David Reimann, Mark Sinclair, Bill Southard, Theresa Sternberg, and Amanda Van Dusen.

Question -- At least five of our classmates work at newspapers or magazines.  Who are they?
Answer -- Kathy Bogan is a graphics designer for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, CO.  David Grogan is an editor at Discovery Magazine.   Channing Lowe is an editorial cartoonist at the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel in Florida.  Chris Satullo is Deputy Editor of the editorial page at The Philadelphia Inquirer.  Kirk Victor is Staff Correspondent for the National Journal.

Question -- Which classmate was the subject of a Fortune magazine article on February 7, 2000)?  (Hint:  the article contained a full-page picture of him resplendent in (as Fortune puts it), "power Wall Street suspenders, French cuffs, and slicked-back hair.")
Answer -- Jimmy Lee.  The article, entitled, "Chase Banks on Tech," describes Chase's purchase of Hambrecht & Quist, a Silicon Valley-based technology investment bank.  Jimmy -- described by Fortune as Chase's "pedal-to-the-metal capital markets chief" -- spearheaded the purchase of H&Q.  And yes, there are multiple Williams connections in this story.  Jimmy is married to Beth Brownell Lee '75, while the head of H&Q, Dan Case, is the brother of Steve Case '80 (former head of AOL) as well as the cousin of Ed Case '75.

Question -- Which classmate's bio appears on at least four separate Web sites?  (Hint:  he has two jobs and is also running for the U.S. Senate.)
Answer -- Minnesota State Senator Steve Kelley.  An attorney at Mackall, Crounse & Moore, Steve is listed at that firm's Web site as well as at the Minnesota State Senate's Web site.  He is fielding a campaign Web site called www.kelley2000.org, and is profiled on the Minnesota Public Radio Web site.  [Note:  as of 2004, Steve is the Senate Majority Whip.]

Question -- Which classmate has been in the thick of the oftentimes headline-grabbing merger of Qwest Communications and US West?
Answer -- Drake Tempest, who is Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary of Denver-based Qwest Communications.  Although Drake entered with the Class of 1975, he graduated in three years and went on to study at Oxford, and then got his law degree at Yale. [Note:  As of 2004, Drake is now at O'Melveny & Myers.]

Question -- Four of our classmates couldn't bear to leave the Purple Valley, and work at Williams College.  Who are they?  (Hint:  two of them are married to each other.)
Answer -- Michael Glier, Felicia Pharr, Connie Durrell Sheehy, and Harry Sheehy.   Michael Glier is a Lecturer in Art.  Felicia Pharr is Coordinator of the 1914 Library.  Connie Sheehy is Associate Director of Admissions and head of Operations for the Admissions Office, while Harry Sheehy is the Chair and Director of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation.

Question -- Two of our classmates now live in Australia.  Who are they?
Answer -- Bonnie Harris and Ben Strout both live in New South Wales (the state that contains Sydney), Australia.  Bonnie works for a motion picture company called Coming Attractions.  Ben works for the Australia Council, the Australian government's principal arts funding and advisory body.   Ben is the Senior Manager responsible for funding performing arts (theatre and dance) initiatives.

Question -- Which Florida-based classmate is charged with ensuring that Woody Woodpecker, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and other cartoon characters don't make off with the loot?
Answer -- Joe LaPaglia.  Joe is Director of Internal Audit for Universal Studios Escape.  [Note:  As of 2004, Joe is now at CNL Shared Services.]

Question -- Which classmate won the Pulitzer Prize in History?  (Two hints:  He is now officially considered a member of the Class of 1974 since he graduated in three years, and he took a course from James MacGregor Burns, who also won the Pulitzer Prize.)
Answer -- Ed Larson.  He won the 1998 Pulitzer Prize in History for Summer for the Gods:  The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion.  Ed received his Ph.D. in the History of Science from the University of Wisconsin and his law degree from Harvard Law School; he currently teaches at the University of Georgia.  When interviewed on C-SPAN for
Booknotes, Ed mentioned that taking one of Prof. Burns' courses gave him the confidence to continue writing.

Question -- Six of our classmates have followed religious pursuits.  Who are they?
Answer -- Gregory Formey is Pastor at the Fellowship of Faith in Columbia, SC.  Marty LaFreniere Harris is Director of Religious Education at St. Mary of the Assumption Parish in Milford, MA.  Martha Hedgpeth is Associate Rector at Christ Episcopal Church in Charlotte, NC.  David Hughes is Pastor at the Faith United Church in Springfield, MA.  Harry Jackson is President and Senior Pastor at Christian Hope Ministries in College Park, MD.  Christopher Tower belongs to the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives at Shasta Abbey, Mt. Shasta, CA.

Question -- There were two German majors in our class.   Who were they, and what do they do now?  (Hint:  their last names both begin with "M.")
Answer -- The two German majors were Doug Marston and David McCune.  Doug works for Coutts Group in Zurich, Switzerland.  Coutts Group, the private banking arm of NatWest, offers personalized banking services to wealthy clients.  David works for Sage Publications, a California company founded in 1965 that publishes scholarly journals and books.

Question -- One of our classmates manages a hotel in Naples, FL.  Who is it?
Answer -- Mike Watkins.  Mike received an advanced degree from the Cornell University Hotel School, and is now President of the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club, a hotel that his grandfather started over 50 years ago.

Question -- Which classmate is now chairman of the History Department at the University of Washington?  (Hint:  he graduated summa cum laude, with Highest Honors in English and Highest Honors in History).
Answer -- Robert Stacey.  Bob received his Ph.D. from Yale in 1983, and specializes in medieval history, teaching courses such as "The Medieval World," and "Medieval England, 1042-1485."

Question -- Which two classmates have appeared on the PBS TV program, This Old House?
Answer -- Bill Flynt and Pam Hawkes.   Bill appeared on the show in the mid-1990s, leading a tour around Old Deerfield and discussing historically correct exterior paint colors.  Pam, a principal at Ann Beha Associates, specializes in refurbishing and updating old buildings.  On This Old House, she designed a garage for a Federal-style house in Salem, MA.

Question -- As Teaching Assistants in Astronomy, two classmates used to give the college planetarium shows.  What were their names, and what do they do now?
Answer -- Don Cooke and Guy Creese.  Don majored in Astronomy, and serves as Vice President of Institutional Advancement at the
Field Musuem of Natural History in Chicago.  A History major, Guy is Managing Principal at Ballardvale Research, a high-tech industry analyst firm located in Andover, MA.

Question -- Which classmate won the Conant-Harrington Prize in Biology, and what does he do now?
Answer -- Steve Gillis.   Steve is putting his expertise to good use as Chairman and CEO of Corixa Corporation, a biotechnology firm that specializes in discovering and optimizing vaccines.

Question -- In 1971, over half of the Class of 1975 came from four states:  New York (99), Massachusetts (75), Connecticut (38), and Pennsylvania (32).  In which four states do the most classmates live today?
Answer -- Massachusetts (74), New York (60), California (45), and Connecticut (40).

Question -- Which classmate is a principal in the architectural firm that designed the Greylock Quad and Bronfman Science Center?
Answer -- Hank Haff.  Hank is a principal at BTA Architects, the successor firm to Benjamin Thompson and Associates.  (As Art 101 students know, Benjamin Thompson and Associates designed Greylock Quad and Bronfman Science Center).

Question -- Two classmates won the Willis I. Milham Prize in Astronomy.  One of the winners teaches astronomy -- what does the other one do?
Answer --
Stuart Vogel and Dan Muzyka won the Milham Prize.   Stuart received his Ph.D. in Astronomy from Berkeley.  He is now is Professor of Astronomy at the University of Maryland, as well as the Maryland director for the Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland array of millimeter-wave telescopes.  Dan got his MBA from Wharton and DBA from Harvard Business School, and is now Dean of the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.

Question -- What were the five most popular majors in our class?
Answer -- English was the largest major with 53 students, followed by History (52), Psychology (44), Biology (41), and Economics (38).

Question -- Although only one entered Williams as a freshman, two brothers graduated together in our class.  What were their names, and how did they do that?  (Hint:  we used their father's textbook in Econ 101).
Answer -- Bob and Paul Samuelson.  Bob entered Williams as a freshman, while Paul transfered from Yale to Williams our Junior year.  Originally from Belmont, MA, they've both remained in the Boston area.  Bob is currently Chief Financial Officer of the
Monitor Company in Cambridge; Paul is at Upstream Technologies in Boston.

Question -- In 1988, Bunker Hunt, Herbert Hunt, and Lamar Hunt were found guilty of manipulating the silver market during 1979 and 1980.  Which classmate served as an expert witness in the Hunt brothers' trial, and then wrote a book about the legal and economic issues raised by the case?
Answer -- Jeffrey Williams.  Formerly an Economics professor at Brandeis and Stanford, Jeff now teaches at the University of California at Davis.  An expert in commodities markets (his book Storage and Commodity Markets won the American Agricultural Economic Association's Quality of Research Discovery award), he testified at the trial and then published a book about it -- Manipulation on Trial:  Economic Analysis and the Hunt Silver Case, Cambridge University Press, 1995.  You can learn about his current research at his Web page.


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