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The Williams Campaign

Though few in number, Williams graduates shape the world in profound and positive ways.  To prepare students for the demands of leadership, the College has embraced a strategic plan that will strengthen all we value most in a Williams education.

Fueling this crucial work will be the most ambitious campaign in Williams' history:  $400 million over five years.  This major undertaking will support bold curricular initiatives, hire additional professors, enhance student life, complete three major building projects, and extend our commitment to admitting talented students regardless of their ability to pay.

The Williams Campaign represents an unprecedented partnership between the College and its alumni, parents, and friends.  Because the endowment grew rapidly in the late 1990s, while our spending remained prudent, Williams can begin implementing new programs using existing College resources.  Funding the balance will require significant new contributions from those who share our vision.

Alumni Fund:


Unrestricted annual gifts from alumni, parents, and friends support all of the campaign objectives below.


Curricular Innovation:


Curricular Development


An Expanded Faculty


The Stetson-Sawyer Project


'62 Center for Theatre and Dance


Student Life:


Need-based Scholarships


Residential Life Initiatives


A New Student Center (Baxter)





Source:  Climb far:  The Williams Campaign prospectus, 2003.

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